Sport provides an ideal setting in which to study rapid decision-making in a complex and dynamic environment. Decision Technology has built a range of proprietary models for football prediction and problems related to it. We are closely engaged with various stakeholders and participants in the sport.

Danny Finkelstein’s weekly football column in The Times (The Fink Tank) is powered by our analysis. Click here (subscription required) to find out more.

The Castrol Rankings and EPL Predictor are also powered by our football models and analytics. To launch the castrolfootball.com website, click here.

Finally, you can see some of our predictions on our Football Predictor website. To launch the predictor, click here.

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  1. Sam said:

    I’m a Math graduate with a huge interest in football, I was wondering about the possibility of getting involved in what you do. Would really love to be a part of it. Even for just the exposure.

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